Christopher Prinz

Wrinkled Bright Yellow Zinc Bench 48"

Wrinkled Bright Yellow Zinc Bench

Wrinkled and toned nickel

Scrap Gold

Wrinkled Yellow Zinc 48" x 96"


Wrinkled Copper Bench 60"

Wrinkled Copper Bench

Wrinkled Yellow Zinc Column Table

Wrinkled Column Table

Wrinkled and brass stool


Wrinked copper side table

Side table

Einstein and Einstein A: cardboard, steel, 144" x 96"

Einstein and Einstein A Einstein and Einstein A
Einstein and Einstein A (2)

Wrinkled Yellow Zinc Bench 60"

Wrinkled Yellow Zinc Bench

Wrinkled Nickel 60"

Nickel Nickel

Brass and Copper 4' x 4'

Copper and Gold Copper and Gold

static explosion: steel, chrome powdercoat 96"x 48" x 48"

Static Explpsion Static Explpsion

Double folded and wrinkled steel 10' x 4'

Two Fold Two Fold

nickel wedge: nickel, steel, 60" x 36"

Nickel Wedge Nickel Wedge

Stationary Reflective Orb: Mylar and String

Interesting neon tube
Brass Projectile

Christopher Prinz is an Omaha based Industrial Designer seeking to expose extreme and rarely visible possibilities of materials and processes associated with Industry. +1(402) 980 9930